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01-06-2011, 11:38 PM
So I want to enter the Anime Matsuri novice walk on contest this year, but a few things confuse me. I was wondering if anyone here had done it before or even knew the answers to my questions. I did look over the website, but it is annoyingly vague, at least to someone whoís never done a contest before. >(
(For the record, Iím planning on doing a Black Butler cosplay with a Ciel, Sebastian, and Grell.)

1. What exactly is 50%? As in, if one thing (such as Sebastianís large jacket) is home made, does it count as just one item, or as more than that (as in a larger percent) because of its size and the work that went into it?
2. Secondly, they recommended providing our own music. So does this mean to just choose a song that sounds good with the cosplay, or does it have to be more specific? Also, I saw a cosplay contest at Ikki Con where people talked during their walk on. Is that okay? If so does that go along with the music and where is the line between walk on and skit drawn?
3. Lastly, how specific are the judges on details? Such as Grell has crazy pointy teeth, but we canít afford to buy the fake teeth. Would we lose points (or however itís done) for this lack of detail?

And thatís all for now. Thanks in advanced!


Club Owner Dice
01-07-2011, 10:05 AM
1. 50% generally refers to amount of body covered by the costume, not number of items handmade. Ie. A cosplayer with a large handmade jacket but store bought pants, just barely makes it within the 50% range. ^.^

2. Unfortunately I haven’t ever competed in a walk-on at Matsuri so I can’t help you with this inquiry.

3. The judges can only be a specific as they have knowledge of the character. (Which is why reference art is generally encouraged). If the judges don’t know that Grell is suppose to have sharp teeth, it cant be counted against you. Also with a small detail like that.. There probably not going to even be looking for teeth capsules while your up on stage to begin with and even if they were, they probably won’t even get to truly appreciate them. But of course in the long run, having sharp pointed teeth would make super awesome close up pictures after you win. ^.^

01-07-2011, 11:25 AM
Since Dice handled 1 and 3 for you, I can give an answer to 2.

Your walk-on music doesn't have to be from your cosplays' series. It can be absolutely anything! And if you wanted to have a line or two in there, it should be just fine. You just have to be careful that your characters aren't having a conversation with each other or anything that might make it seem like a plot, because that's where the line is crossed and it becomes like a skit.

But, say, your character has a really cool line that you'd like them to say on stage while you're showing off your costume? That should be just fine. If there are some lines you'd like to put into your walk-on music and you're unsure about it, just send an email to Effervescence, who is the cosplay director (or even post your question on one of the existing threads in the cosplay section over at the AM forums). She's really prompt about getting back to people with questions!

01-07-2011, 12:56 PM
Okay. (: Thanks so much you guys!

01-07-2011, 03:31 PM
I really encourage you to post on the matsuri forums or contact Effervescence, the cosplay director. While you can get some generally good advice from veteran cosplayers every cosplay show is different and it's best to ask the person running the event. She is very helpful and will be able to answer all of your question in detail.

01-19-2011, 08:28 PM
Hello there! I just saw this thread as I rarely check the Cosplay.com forums.

The others who answered your questions were rather accurate, though I would like to know what about the rules is "annoyingly vague" so that I may add detail and prevent the problem in the future. I also suggest you take future questions to the Matsuri forums, which I check everyday.

We will not be providing any form of microphones for Walk-On's or Skits, so if there is a line spoken during your time on stage, you will either need to have it pre-recorded into your custom audio and turn that in, or? Shout. I suggest the first option.

The 50% rule is just that. You have to have made at least 50% of your costume. This does disqualify costumes such a L from death note unless you go out of your way to make a white shirt and jeans, etc.

How particular judges are really vary form judge to judge, some people are really specific on craftsmanship as a whole, others look for attention to detail. It's hard to know or predict that sort of thing.

Thanks for the question!