View Full Version : Soldier clothes!

01-07-2011, 12:00 AM
Can anybody recommend a good Soldier jacket, belt and bandoleer? I've got a rocket launcher pretty much set up (gonna make the Black Box out of a golf club box), and I've found a Cat in the Hat hat on Amazon that ought to work as a Doctor's Dapper Topper, so it's mostly the clothes that I'm missing. I plan on bringing this to PAX East with me, so I have some time to prepare...but my cosplays up to this point are always last-minute, so I kind of want to make this one look nice. :)

Thanks in advance!

01-07-2011, 06:04 AM
A lot of soldier just use store-bought men's shirts in the appropriate color. I've seen others use trench coats. The ones that look the best are ones that the cosplayer made from a pattern or commissioned from someone who sews. Personally, I'm going to use a modified men's shirt pattern to make my soldier jacket.

As for the belt and bandoleer, I'm also making my own out of vinyl. Belts aren't too hard to make, so you might consider making your own, otherwise you should look online for a belt that's at least three inches wide for the one around his waist, and then you could use another long belt for the bandoleer.

I hope that helps. I'd love to hear what other soldiers have done, though.