View Full Version : help with InuYasha skit?

10-16-2003, 03:58 PM
ok, here's the 411

my friend and I are going to our very first con, Animazement which is on May 28-30, so I have alot of time to prepar it, but alas, i'm a perfectionist when it comes to some things... and i have a feeling that that's one of them ^.^"" plus, with school and exams and erm... guys... i want to kinda take this at an easy pase instead of waiting til the last moment, which is what my fellow newbie cosplayer/crew, tend to do...

We're doing characters from InuYasha...

my friend=Koga
(do some people like, find people at the con and ask them to be in there crew??)

were're both girls, both 13, and both uber straight, so i dun wanna do anything too nasty... but i want our skit to have... uh... some omph. lol i like that word. haha. it can't be longer than 90 secs, so i want it to be short and funny. very fuuny, if it can be helped. and i know that there will be an uber amount of InuYasha's, so i wanna be original.

btw, do some ppl have background music? does it depend on the cons rules? i read the ones for my con, and it didn't say...

thankies uber much!!!

06-23-2004, 06:43 AM
how about...
Inuyasha is on stage waiting around for nothing in particular. Just standing there tapping his foot, looking around aggrivatedly waiting. He shout out finally, "Where is Kagome?! She was supposed to meet me here 15 minutes ago! (or an hour, whatever ^^)" Koga comes on and just walks right by him punching him just at the last second. Inuyasha falls to the floor and gets mad running after him.

or you could just find a Kagome to join you and have Koga and Inu tugging on either arm, and have her get fed up with it and shout "that's it! I'm going to Miroku!" and storm off stage leaving Inu and Koga baffled.

just a few ideas is all..^^;