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Tabby Catty
01-10-2011, 05:52 PM
Hey guys, this is like, my new favorite video game obsession and after recently getting back into my hobby of knitting, I decided that I want to cosplay the Princess of Moonbrooke from Dragon Quest II! I am going to knit an aviation-style hat and collar in pink and I found some great patterns to use and then I'm going to sew the rest, maybe even learn how to crochet and make a mini slime.

I just want to make a cosplay that I can knit part of it... I just think that would be super cool and maybe even make it more impressive!

http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/dragonquest/moonbrook.jpg (http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/dragonquest/moonbrook.jpg)

Okay... so the questions I need to know is first of all, what fabric I should use for the cloak? I do not want it too think and cheap-looking which I am concerned about... Ummm... the stuff that people that white mage cosplayers use?

Ummm... and what pattern should I use? I want it to fit right and I want some sort of feminine shape, I mean, if you look closely, it does look fitted around the waste while the skit and arms are flowy... Sort of like a dress, but simpler...

Finally, there is the staff... I mean, I have some experience with propmaking from my Splash Woman trident and my gerudo spear, but how the heck are you suppose to make the staff? Any tutorial or anything for me to use? I'm kind of intimidated a little by that one orb on top...

Takeshi Ya
01-12-2011, 01:47 AM
Glad to see there are other Dragon Quest fans and cosplayers out there.

Not much of a knitter so I can't help you with that part.

For the staff there are several ways ranging from cheap/easy to expensive or labor intensive:

Red Globe:
1) Christmas ornaments - reinforce it though
2) Fruit or christmas ornament packaging painted with glass pant.
3) red inflatable ball, or solid pokeball - imaybe you get lucky and find one that's transparent, but chances are they are not, or are not big enough
4) make it out of foam, or clay and paint it shiny
5) cast it from hot glue, or silicone and paint it with a translucent paint
6) cast it out of resin mixed with dye

For options 2,3,5,6, since they can be hollow and see through you may insert foil for more reflections, or a led if you want to get fancy.

Cup for the globe (only if the red part was not a whole sphere): bottle cut out, small bowl

Trim: craft foam, tubing, clay, or carved wood

Clasp to the staff: pvc connector, light bulb socket. If you stuck a led in the globe (option #2/3/5/6), cut a hole if needed, and put a switch and power supply here.

Staff: pvc, thick dowel, or utility pole.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your cosplay.

Tabby Catty
01-12-2011, 07:43 AM
Thanks, but I think the one main question is "What fabric am I supposed to use for the dress?"

It's okay if you aren't a knitter... I actually have the perfect plan for that... It's just the crocheting part that I must learn...

I actually do have some foam balls in the storage room that were left over from making Christmas ornaments.

But yeah... Dragon Quest and knitting are my new obsessions~

I should be getting the yarn to make the hat and collar this weekend...

Also, if anyone crochets... some decent tutorials that are CLEAR on how to increase and decrease stitches... My mother only know the basics... and all the ones that I look up just made no sense... Therefore, my mini slime FAILED!!!!