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01-14-2011, 01:32 AM
hey everyone, names spokey_dokey and i'm a ripe noob on these forums. this is more of a request then asking for suggestions but i guess in this case they go hand in hand.

this years anime north will usher in the first time i've ever cosplayed despite the fact i've gone so many years. my dilemma is that with my busy schedule and lack of experience/skills making costumes i won't be able to make the outfit(s) i want in time. that... and i'm pretty meticulous about detail, do it right or not at all imo.

what i'm asking of the community is possible sources or particular cosplayers that specialize in requested cosplay outfits to buy. this first outing will be more to test the water and see if im comfortable with cosplay and whether or not i wish to pursuit the skills in which to make my own costumes. so with that i'll show you my subject in question:


its the new dante from the recently debuted dmc video game. his outfit looks simple enough but right now theres not a lot to go on, ill keep whoever takes this job posted with every piece of media i find though. please lemme know if you've got info and thanks!

if your reading this and going to anime north pm me or something, it would be really cool to meet up with some experienced cosplayers.

01-16-2011, 11:36 PM
I would suggest bringing your proposal to the marketplace and looking for commissioners. In the marketplace is a section devoted to finding commissioners who can take your proposal and make your costume for you. The Marketplace link is located at the top of the page, in the line of links spanning the page.