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01-19-2011, 01:36 AM
Now that it's time to get the spring costumes out and make plans ~ thought we'd post what we're up to and look for folks to get up to it with:

Me: Mokou, Yuuyuuko, and Marisa
shiek: Konpaku
(we have a LOT of Touhou costumes kicking around between us, so if you want to do a Touhou event somewhere with us but haven't got anything to wear, you're more than welcome just to borrow one)

Me: Battler
shiek: Ange

Me: Act II Len
shiek: Act II Rin

Me: Ciel
shiek: Alois

Other Stuff
Me: Keisuke (Togainu no Chi), Apollo (Genesis of Aquarion), Kazuki (di[e]ce), Hope (FFXIII)
shiek: ????

We can go as far as Osaka/Kobe easily without killing the bank but can go farther provided there's a decent-sized event and free lodging waiting on the other end.

As for concrete event plans ~ we really only have two so far:

Cosview http://cosview.masa-mune.jp/nakatsu.html
A location photoshoot event at a traditional Japanese garden (http://cosview.masa-mune.jp/lview_nakatsu.html) about 45 minutes away from the city where I live. 2,000 yen 10-4:30 (semi-private)

Touhou Shikoku Sai 3 in Tokushima (http://www.cosp.jp/event_info.aspx?id=15838, http://mikantalto.jugem.jp/?eid=40). It's a combined doujinshi and cosplay event for Touhou-only. Nothing fancy, no reason to believe spectacular photos will be had... but if for whatever reason you want to join us, please do :)

Anything else going on?
Anything we should get going on all by ourselves? :P

01-31-2011, 07:55 PM
Approx dates please :)

02-19-2011, 11:41 AM
Not really sure of the best place to post this, not worth its own thread but just a notice for all who had it in their calendar, it looks like the Cure Cosplay Festival Vol.3 has been canceled for this year. (http://cure.livedoor.biz/archives/51342600.html)
It says canceled for 'various reasons', haven't been to it before so cant really say but too bad. The next one will be arranged for 'after this summer' so that could mean the fall or beyond that. *scratches out agenda entry*