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Shifty Llama
01-19-2011, 07:56 PM
Hello to everyone,

I am planning to take on the Esther blanchett Queen costume (the white dress from the art book) and was wondering if anyone has any good refrence images. Anything will help!

Also i was wondering if anyone could think of a good complex male costume to go along with it for my boyfriend (im not really familiar with the show but i simple love the costume)

Thank you in advance!

01-22-2011, 10:05 PM
Hey there! Good to see another masochist working on one of her Queenly versions ;)

If you searching in the main TB thread, there is a photobucket that contains all of the images from various artbooks and some from the manga that show her dress. You can also go to www.animepaper.net and look under Trinity Blood for more scans.

As for a companion, there are two characters I could see doing for your boyfriend. Abel, the main priest and most usually considered Esther's love interest. His full artbook outfits are definitely complex. He's the one with the silver hair. Another option is to make Pope Alessandro's robes since he's a pretty close friend to Esther. Abel's clothing is always black, while Alessandro's is white. It just depends on your preference. :)

01-23-2011, 02:39 AM
TB photobucket account (http://s573.photobucket.com/albums/ss180/TBphotojunkie/) password- THORES It has all known images of Esther's queen outfit(one in her folder, two in the group or black and white folder). There's literally that one artbook image and one novel image of that specific outfit. Well...there's a third, but it's tiny, no bigger images exist.

As for a complex accompanying costume there's lots of options. Pope Alesandro would be a good option as he's clearly seen at her coronation(see the artbook), as would Vincent, a methselah of Londinium whom helps her gain her throne, Able or the Professor would also be good options if you want to do an AX uniform. Ion is a good option as well, and he has quite a few complex outfits to pick from(see his gallery, as well as the Empire gallery). Really it just depends how much insane detail vomit you want.

Shifty Llama
01-23-2011, 08:51 AM
Thank you so much to both of you you have been very helpfull!