View Full Version : Wigs 'n' stuff for sale...

Amethyst Angel
10-20-2002, 12:47 PM
Hiya. Would anyone be interested in the following items? I had been thinking of selling them on ebay, but rather than go through all the trouble, I thought I'd see if anyone here needed them first.


Here's a light blue wig I bought for use with my Ifurita costume (until I found one that was a lighter color so I no longer need this one.) It's a good quality wig with adjustable velcro straps that I bought from Midnight Belladonna for 25 bucks. I'd be willing to sell it for 20.


Here's an orange wig I bought when I thought I wanted to cosplay as Excel from Excel Saga. (I have since changed my mind.) The wig isn't as high quality as the blue one so I'll let it go for ten bucks. (It has never been opened nor worn.)

Price of shipping for the wigs will be 4 dollars USPS.

I also have some yellow fabric and black trim which I bought when I thought I wanted to cosplay as Nanami from the Utena TV series. I won't bother to post pictures of that or quote a price unless someone shows some real interest in it (as I'm too lazy to look up how much I paid for it.)

Lastly, I have 3 big huge, honkin' jingle bells. (Gold, 2-3/4" in size) if anyone wants bells for a Dejiko or a neko costume. Let me know if you're interested, okay?


10-23-2002, 02:59 AM
I have been so wig addicted lately.. I love th wigs you have. o.o;; But I can't spend the money! :(