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Clockwork Con
01-26-2011, 02:01 PM
In 1881 the Texas Capital burnt down, in 1884 strange occurrences disrupted shipping along the Gulf of Mexico, now strange airships to the west of Galveston have been spotted. All around Texas, trouble is breaking out, and it all seems to be headed towards one location. Austin.

Something is happening down here in the south... Be Prepared.


The third weekend of January 2012 (20-22nd), the Steampunk Company, Cracked Monocle, will be hosting Clockwork Con, a Steampunk convention, in Austin Texas. This will be an event not to miss and a great way to start 2012 with the turning of gears and hissing of steam engines.

We have plans for a story driven weekend, panelists from across the country, and a desire to become the makers fair for steampunk in the south. More information on this event coming along soon, you can keep track of the Convention by checking out the Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clockwork-Con/139910342735020?v=wall), Website (http://www.clockwork-con.com) or emailing me at info@clockwork-con.com.

~Alex Whisenhunt