View Full Version : Wig Brand Review- Rubie's Kanekalon Secret Wishes Line

01-28-2011, 01:15 PM
Name of Product: Rubie's Kanekalon Secret Wishes Line
Note: This is a review for Rubie's Kanekalon line of wigs, NOT the Rubie's Halloween grade wigs.

Where Purchased: A local costume shop. I don't know how widely available these wigs are. I have only seen them at a local, independently owned costume shop. You can not order through the Rubie's website unless you're buying wholesale.

Pictures: Website- http://www.rubies.com/landingpage.cfm?ItemNumber=51723
My pictures of the wig: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v241/shadow2xl4000/?action=view&current=wigtest.jpg
Comes in a nifty box- http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v241/shadow2xl4000/?action=view&current=IMG_4710.jpg

Product Description: I purchased this wig in somewhat of an emergency. A week and half a before a convention, a friend who was cosplaying from FMA suggested I cosplay Winry. So I needed a blonde wig, fast. I had seen these Secret Wishes wigs before at the costume shop and decided to give one a try. They are Rubie's brand but are made of Kanekalon.

The long wig I bought turned out to be about $30 after tax. This line has very limited style and color choices. On top of that, all of the long wigs in this line are curly/wavy. The fibers are not super smooth, not very soft, but don't tangle too badly. Surprisingly there seemed to be a lot of hair in long part of the wig. It did shed though and continued to shed the entire time I wore it. The wefting on the cap is somewhat thin, especially on the sides, behind the bangs. It does not have a skin top either, it has a top like a cheaper costume wig,(basically a weft sewn in a tight spiral) which had a tendency to "pop" up if I didn't keep the bangs smoothed down. The cap itself is flimsy and the edges are not finished very well. It is also the biggest wig I have ever seen. I usually can wear Chinese/eBay wigs on the largest setting and American brands on the second or third setting. This one I had to tighten all the way. A man could wear this wig easily.

For my purposes, I needed the wig straightened and in a ponytail. Hot water got most of the major curls out. It stayed slightly frizzy, I don't know if that's due to the fiber or the water might have been too hot. For the ponytail, I did exactly what you're not suppose to do and pulled it up into a high ponytail with out stubbing it. I had to zigzag part it in places where I separated the bangs and the back. I don't think there were any major bald spots (or a least my friends told me there weren't.) Even though it wasn't stubbed, it didn't fall out of the ponytail and the tangles brushed out easily.

Pros: Relatively inexpensive, available in a store (don't have to wait for shipping), fibers are decent. Honestly, you could probably find a nicer wig on the internet, if you're willing to wait for shipping. However if you needed a natural colored wig for cheap and fast, this would be great. If you are a guy in need of a natural colored wig for cheap and fast, even better. It really isn't suitable for an updo or heavy styling. The blonde could probably be dyed.

Cons: Flimsy cap, no skin top, center parted wigs can't be changed, limited styles and color choices.

Overall Rating: 6.5