View Full Version : Review: Jacquard Color Removal

02-05-2011, 04:04 PM
(Hope this was the right place for this one.)

Name of Product: Jacquard Color Removal

Where Purchased: Blick Art Supplies (or whatever Dick Blick calls themselves)

Product Description: A color remover for fabrics. (The bottle claims it can be used on natural and synthetic materials.) I used this material on deerskin leather that had been dyed the wrong color and a piece that had been dyed and then painted using Jacquard Textile Paint.

Pros: It is real easy to use. The directions say to dissolve the color remover in warm water (120 degree F for cotton/wool, 200 degree F for polyester) and constantly stir the fabric. It removed enough of the color that I believe I can retry painting my leather to the proper color without problems. The pieces are still drying but still appear to keep their soft feel.

Cons: The directions don't seem to mention how much to use per amount of water (only to dissolve contents and add enough water to cover fabric, 4 lbs max). I did 4 pieces separately for my corset and just sprinkled what I thought was a fair enough for each bath. Maybe I could have removed more color if I had used more but I felt it was good enough.

Overall Rating: 0-10 (0 is poor, 10 is excellent) I'm giving it an 8 (maybe a 9). It did enough that I won't have to buy replacement leather and if I experimented I perhaps could have gotten more out.


From left to right:
-White deerskin leather as bought from Tandy
-scarlet dyed leather
-scarlet dyed leather with color remover
-scarlet dyed leather with maroon Jacquard textile paint applied and then had the color removed