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02-07-2011, 03:17 PM
I really hope this is in the correct place, but...

I plan to do a St. Robelia Girl's Academy/Zuka Club cosplay, but have no idea how to make the school uniform or even any patterns that may help. I have until October to make it, so I am not in any rush, but I was hoping to start early since skirts/dresses are not part of my typical attire. Does anyone have any suggestions or know any patterns that may help? I have searched before asking here, but found nothing, which is my reason of asking.

I know that people usually put Reference Images when they ask about cosplay, but I have not figured out how since I'm new to this site, but my question is referring to the serafuku-style uniform that is worn in episode 9 and 19 by the three Zuka Club girls.