View Full Version : Uh...cant think of a title but thanks I guess

10-21-2003, 04:26 PM
Heheheh I dont know what I should say for a title but I am happy to know that Yaoi con 2003 turned out the way it did. If i went to animagic, i wouldn't have gone to this. Yay for weird turn outs! ^^

Thanks go out to Randy, Stepheny, Chris, Adam, Adam's Girl (forgot her name, sorry) Shiki, Stepheny's Justin, Al, Lional (sorry for the mix up on the two me's) Noha, M, Beata, and Ryan. Hmmm...anyone else.....I guess thats it for now, but thanks go out to these people for making the con so much fun for me and making it great, I never thought i would meet such great people and become even good friends with them, i cant wait till we cosplay again and have alot of fun together once more. If I never helped out Chris with his stuff i wouldn't have met any of these people and been there friend...i'm proud to live a world of fait and such. ^^ I cant wait to see them again!

Anyone have something like this they like to say?