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Death the Kid?
02-13-2011, 02:39 AM
Ok so I have looked around on this site and saw a lot of posts on how to make the Bolt for Dr. Stein. Well, I wanted in explain my way of doing it. Its simple, fast to make, less than $10.00 to make and looks good. I see a lot of people use PVC pipe. Use Wooded Dowels. So here goes:

You need a Spinning Clicker (something you buy from Party City, those things people use during the new year) they are $1.00, 1" dowel, heavy duty WIRE hanger, foam sheet about 8''X11"X1/2", GOOD STRONG LOOKING CARD BOARD, and 1-2 pieces of Sticky Foam sheet of paper from Jo Anne Fabrics. <<<If you dont have a sander buy 80 grit sand paper>>>

****Make sure your 1/2" foam sheet is not breakable foam. Something that you can squeeze and goes back to its regular shape.****

1: Cut out 2 circles out of the card board for the head the bolt, at least two times the size of the clicker.
2: Cut out the 1/2" foam also the same size as the cardboard.
3: Find the center of the foam and one piece of cardboard and cut out a hole big enough for the hadle to the clicker to go through.
4: Next, stick the clicker handle through the hole in the foam and trace with a pen the clicker on the foam to cut out so the clicker can be placed within the foam.
5: Glue the cardboard circles on each side of the foam so you have cardboard, foam, cardboard. (make sure the clicker is set right.)
5a: You now should have the head of the bolt about half done.
5b. If you have a power sander this helps. Sand the edges to have a smooth edge.
6: Now with the Sticky foam paper, trace out about two or three same size circles as before.
7: Now cut out about 1/2" to 3/4" from the center to make the shape of a "D". Now if you understanding me you are making the slit on top of the bolt. The more you cut the thicker the slit will be.

8: Now measure the thickest of you bolt head and cut strips of sticky foam to GO AROUND THE CIRCUMFERANCE of the head. This hides all the pieces you glued and makes it smooth.

9: Take the dowel and cut about 3-4" dending on how long you want it to be and drill out a hole deep enouogh and wide enough to stick the clicker handle into.

10: On the opposite side drill a hole (in the center) 1/64" smaller than the thickness of the heavy duty wire hanger.

11: Paint everything before putting together.

12: For the other side (just the striaght dowel) you do the same thing, drill out a hole 1/64" smaller than the wire hanger.

13: Now if you want to effect of a screw with threads what I did was stuck a little strip of sticky foam around and around the dowel to look like a screw, your choice.

14: When all done making, you bend the wire hanger into an "L" shape and measure your head or whose ever head this is going on, and do the same thing for the other side. you stick the "L" in the hole of the bolts and now it stays on your head. When wearing a wig it stays on even better. This is not a heavy prop. Mine stays perfect across. A lot of people's bends in two directions and is made out of cardboard. You can do this but my advice would be at least use the sticky foam to make things look smooth, and not bumpy like cardboard. PLEASE DON'T USE DUCK TAPE. I MAKES IT LOOK REALLY BAD.

03-06-2011, 09:08 PM
Was there really a need to make a new thread about this when you posted the same thing in the first tutorial thread?