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02-15-2011, 06:24 PM
Does anyone know how to make Hibari Kyoya's armband? I'm going to a con VERY soon and they are late on the package, SO I am forced to make one and I'm freaking out.

So can anyone help?

Here are links of what i am hoping to get as a result:


03-14-2011, 02:14 PM
Um... It would have to depend on your experience and how much time you have. Like... You could actually sew the Japanese words on it. My friend learned how to do that, but it takes quite a while. And it takes experience.

03-15-2011, 11:53 PM
Sewing the kanji is going to be time-consuming and frustrating, to warn you, but the basic armband shouldn't be too bad, in theory.

Make your basic red armband. It's just a length of red cloth sewn into a circle (make sure it wraps around your arm and has extra length to sew together, and to fit over your shirt). Add the yellow or gold edges. This can be difficult or easy depending on your experience and how picky you are about seeing the stitches. You could also glue them on, but a good tug might undo your work. It you anticipate getting into a Battle for the Armbands, sew your trim on securely. He safety pins it onto his sleeve, so no worries about how to attach it to your outfit.

If you are set on sewing the lettering, it might be advisable to do it before you sew the band into a circle. Flat fabric is infinitely easier to work with than curved. It will be extremely difficult to make a normal sewing machine sew those shapes, but sewing by hand will be time-consuming, so you have a difficult decision to make there.

If you're pressed for time, you could paint it. We made a quick one for one of my friends using just some red cloth and yellow acrylic paint (don't use acrylic; it take a ton of layers to show up properly. Find a nice opaque fabric paint, or start with a layer of opaque white and use yellow or gold over that).

You could also applique the lettering on, but that requires special supplies (just applique and more fabric, but still. It's extra Stuff you'd need). I've never appliqued anything but I have a friend who uses it for pretty much any designs on her outfits.

04-14-2011, 06:18 AM
I made it on with a sewing machine. As a noob, I assure you it is not hard.

Materials and equipment for basic armband: Sewing machine, 1 red safety pin, 20cm of bright red cotton, 20cm of bright yellow cotton, overlocker (optional), red thread, yellow thread.

Option one for kanji: Embroidery
I don't know about machine embroidery, but hand embroidery is best. This only works if you are patient (like, REALLY patient) and have about 5-10hrs of time scattered. (So, if you are realllllly busy, replace the little activities you like to do with the sewing, so instead of reading before bedtime, spend some time embroidering, etc.) The embroidering is best done after measuring the fabric and hemming the pieces. Don't forget to mark out the kanji in chalk first, before going over the chalk lines with long stiches in case the chalk fades before you finish. You don't have to sew the material into a tube before embroidering. It is going to be harder.

Option two for kanji: cloth letters
Trace the kanji in bold onto yellow felt, cut it out and super glue on. Easy. If you don't have felt and just have the cotton, gluing it on and/or not hemming the letters (that would be super hard anyways) can only be temporary as it will fray. If it does, cut off the threads as best as you can and apply ordinary glue in tiny chunks with your FINGERS. It really works in slowing, if not getting rid of further fraying,

Option three for kanji: painting
Refer to Eigwayne's post
OR if you have 'normal' canvas paint, paint the kanji onto some paper, leave to dry cut out and glue on.

HELPFUL HINT: Hibari's armband fits loosely onto is large jacket thingy. Use your blazer/mum or dad's blazer to test if the armband is loose on the arm.
->In general, if your arm is 25cm long, leave 10cm for looseness and 2cm on either side (4cm altogether) for seam allowance.
->For width of armband, the longer-in-width material (the yellow part) will be half the length of your upper forearm, and the shorter-in-width material (the red part) will be three cm on either side (6cm altogether). And don't frget the seam allowance! (Same as above!)
HELPFUL HINT: It's easier and in my opinion looks better to have two large bits of material (red and yellow) instead of two strips for the yellow material.

HELPFUL HINT: Machine sewing is faster!!! As for overlocking, if you can't get access to one, use the zigzag stich instead.
->Overlocking along the lengths of both materials or use the zigzag stich. Fold it over and pin, before sewing it on so it can't be seen.
->Position the pieces together so the right side of the smaller piec is aligned and on top of (lol) the bigger piece. Pin and sew at 5cm intervals (1cm in length for each line of stiching)
-> Curve the material into a tube so that the wrong side is on the outside, and flatten it. Pin into place. Sew together (2cm allowance, 2cm from edge, just in case). OVERLOCK ND ZIGZAG STICH IS OPTIONAL HERE.
-> Turn the material inside out. Pin the top yellow strip to your outfit according to the pics and voila! U'r done!

I hope this helps. ^_^

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Thank you SOO much :D

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Your welcome!