View Full Version : Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Shaman King, Fushigi Yugi or Flame of Recca cosplayers wanted!

10-22-2003, 08:21 PM
Hey everyone. I'm not worried about costumes but I am worried about traveling to Neko and if I do make it which I probably will then my next worry is cosplay. My cosplay plans were Kurama from YYH on friday, Tasuki from FY on saturday and Mikagami from Flame of Recca on sunday though I would try to fit Hao from Shaman King into the mix if there were going to be any Shaman King cosplayers. Is anyone else cosplaying from these series? Also my Shuda costume isn't complete(needs tribal orange flames and I need the dark bring) but it's close. If there is going to be any Groove Adventure Rave cosplayers I would substitute that for another thing probably Kurama. That's it. Later everyone.