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02-17-2011, 10:19 PM
Hey everyone!

I'm probably in the wrong category, as usual, but I need some help.
I posted this under "Suggestions" and got NO help.

I'm a Doctor Who geek, and I'm planning on cosplaying as Eleven at ConnectiCon in June.

Epic cosplayer Pumpkiny posted an index of Eleven's costume on his awesome blog, here.
Unfortunately, nearly EVERYTHING he wears is decommissioned!

I have the bow tie and suspenders/braces, but I'm in need of good substitutes for:

-Tweed jacket (Original Harris MacKenzie 2x2 Dogtooth, Alternate Magee Donagal. Must be two-button closure with a SINLGE vent on the back.)

-Shirt (Original Paul Smith Summer 09 in Burgundy and Navy. Alternate unknown.)

-Skinny jeans (Original Topman Dogtooth design in black or dark grey. Alternate unknown.)

-Layered boots (Original All-Saints Layer boot. Alternate unknown.)

-Watch (Unknown, gold with an old-fashioned face.)

Pumpkiny's blog is extraordinarily in-depth and has been a GREAT resource for me; however, he lives in the United Kingdom, and I'm stuck in the States!

I was hoping that someone here on Cosplay.com could help direct me to sites or stores that sell items identical or similar to those mentioned above. I'm on a budget, though! (I AM willing to pay more for the jacket, but I'm trying to save money to help the rest of my group with their costumes.)

Any help would be REALLY appreciated. Seriously, you will be labelled Officially Awesome on the costume description.

Thanks so much! =D

P.S.: Anyone know what pattern to use for a Ten suit/coat? (Pix on Pumpkiny's .)

02-18-2011, 01:32 AM
Hi. Since you're on a budget, you could try going to thrift stores for the items you need. I've heard many stories of people getting their tweed jacket for Eleven from thrift. The shirt might be a little harder if you're trying to be exact. I know they did re-release the shirt, but I don't think it's available anymore. Besides, it was a bit pricey. I'd say just go with the closest button down shirt you can find. Skinny jeans should be easy to find. You can also check local shoe stores for the boots. Maybe check out DSW if you have one.

Also, a great place to find stuff is ebay. Especially, ebayUK when it comes to Doctor Who items. However, not all sellers will be willing to ship to the US, and if you find some that do, the shipping is hell. But, if you want certain, screen accurate items, it's certainly worth it. That's where most of my Rose wardrobe hailed from.

By the way, if you need more help with this, there's a whole Doctor Who subforum here. There are people there who would be glad to help you because I don't think I've done a very good job. Unfortuntely, I'm not an expert Eleven cosplayer. :( Good luck.

Doctor Who forum: http://www.cosplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=188

02-18-2011, 08:00 AM
Thanks so much! I had no idea about the subforum!

Thank you. =)