View Full Version : Boot to the Head

02-20-2011, 09:42 PM
Alright guys here is the deal. I'm not really advertising but i have a group i'm putting together and have some..."idle" members in. The group is called T.D.R. aka TeamDarkRose. The whole point to having this group is so that cosplayers like ourselves can just joke around hang loose or what ever. Now we do have a website we are working on that is still a work in progress. We do skits and we are trying to be well known enough to start doing panels as well. We did have someone in our ranks who did commissions however due to unforeseen events stopped doing everything but wigs and only if she feels up to it. But i'm looking for people to do skits as well so anyone interested in either the team the skits or both just post or pm me i need all the help i can get.:bigtu: