View Full Version : Costume Site Review: Myzentai.com

02-26-2011, 09:58 AM
Name of Product: Blue metallic zentai
Where Purchased: www.myzentai.com
Product Description: it's a metallic blue suit made with lycra
Overall Rating: 0

Okay so, if you need a zentai for your costumes, don't buy from myzentai.com if you need one from them, ask them if they have enough cloth to make it, because I asked them if they had it in stock, they said yes, I ordered, and then they sent me a message and said they didn't have enough cloth to make it, they said they will refund me, and they asked me to do something on paypal and it like, doesn't exist. I know they have good feedback but I had a bad experience with them, be sure they have their stock available before purchasing.