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03-04-2011, 10:56 AM
Hey guys,

I'm currently working on Judith from Tales of Vesperia for Anime North, and I've realized I might have a bit of a problem...I'm...not entirely sure how to do her feather tails. I've gone over it in my head a few times, thinking of different possibilities, but I'm not sure IF they'll work, and as all us cosplayers know, I'd prefer to now spend a fortune on JUST experimenting.

I've considered making it wired, or stuffed, and weaving it into the wig with fissing wire, or making them over glorified hair clips, and THEN putting the wig on...but I'm still at a lost. Could someone be kind enough to help, please? :3

03-04-2011, 04:15 PM
Actually, while I'm asking for help...the other part I'm having major issues with happens to be her hair. The wig STYLING is easy, but those two stripes of like...light lavender/white(Depending on your monitor/t.v) are most likely going to need being weaved in, right? If not, is there a way I can some how bleach the blue to get my stripes without actually compromising my wig, considering Bleach and synthetic fibers don't like each other. :p

03-04-2011, 05:11 PM
About the blue stripes: Unless you have a human-hair wig, you cannot bleach a wig lighter. MangoChutney did an experiment with wig fiber and bleach and after quite some time, absolutely nothing happened to the color or the fiber texture. You will have to make tiny wefts or use small premade extensions to add to the wig unless you manage to find a pre-styled wig with those chunks of hair already in it. Tiny wefts = easy to make and add.

About the antennae: It really depends on what materials you want to use and can get your hands on. I have seen people make them with feather boas, just feathers, gauzy fabric tubes, furry fabric tubes, and numerous other things. The feather boa method always looked a little silly to me, but it is really up to your personal preference. Several of my friends have cosplayed Judith and done different things, each were unique but worked, so the right answer is going to be using materials you are ok with using and able to achieve desired results with.

Regardless of the material you use, you will most likely want the wire you mentioned adding so that the antennae will hold a little shape instead of being droopy and sad.

As to attaching them to the base of the wig, I would recommend doing the "glorified clip in" method you were going for. Small claw clips or wig/toupee clips would work perfectly here and be easily concealed. Were it my project I would not want to permanently attach the antennae simply because of transport concerns and washability (why wash both the wig and antennae if only one needs a wash?)

03-04-2011, 05:53 PM
OH! Thank you for replying. ^.^

So, wefts are the best bet for the stripes of hair? I figured the Bleach wouldn't work, but I'm still pretty new at cosplay-making, so any feedback telling me I'm wrong or right helps. :3 That certainly gets one concern off my mind. Thank you so much!

So clips are the better of the two. Awesome! That goes on the list of things to get. That means I need to build the tails around it, right? So, as for the rest...materials...Wire is a go. I'm not sure what you mean by fabric tubes? Is that something I can get, or like...actually sewing together a tube? (Feathers should be attached to the fabric separately, I imagine, right?)

Thank you SO much for the help, by the way. It's GREATLY appreciated.

03-04-2011, 06:02 PM
Yes, sewing fabric into a tube shape as a base. I would recommend looking around here and on CURE to find Judith cosplayers whose antennae you like and then either contact them for more info on how they made theirs or just emulate their design by looking at them. I do not want to steer you toward any certain materials since it is your costume though, so use supplies you can work with and are happy using even if it means doing some experimentation (which need not always cost a lot - that is what coupons and sales are for). We all have our own preferences and strengths/weaknesses when it comes to construction. Best of luck!