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03-15-2011, 07:56 PM
Hi there, i'm a big fan of supernatural and I really wanted to cosplay good ol' Castiel, just i'm having problems with the trench coat (of awesome). Can I buy it? What would be a good pattern, Material? etc

I have no clue how to read patterns but i'm sure I could figure it out.

Here is a reference picture


I was thinking of using this simplicity pattern http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/patterns/sewingpatterns.pl?patternid=13283

Any help would be amazing, thank you

04-21-2011, 05:51 PM
I think the best (and cheapest AND easiest) option here is to hit up every goodwill, salvation army, and thrift store in your area. That's where I found mine. :D It's actually a fairly common cut and colour as far as trenchcoats go, I think the most you'd have to do to alter one is colour the buttons.

Hope that helps! They're everywhere, you just gotta find one in your size.
Endless love for Cas. <33