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10-27-2003, 11:46 PM
Greetings all. I was asked to pass this on to all you talented guys and gals. Cheers. ~Kai
Hi all:

I will be placing this information in various parts of the board but now that the venue and dates have been confirmed for 2004- i can go ahead and post the following positions opened.

All of these jobs are for *unpaid* work. Meaning- that it is expected to have the same responsibilities, communication, reporting and performance expectations as a regular job yet you do not receive any form of monetary compensation.

You will receive a free pass/staff badge for Anime North 2004, you will be feed and receive a whole bunch of other rewards, based upon the role.

If you are looking to add things to your resume- this is also an excellent way to beef it up and it CAN be considered towards a Grade 12 community work certificate, since it is a longitudinal "volunteer" involvement.

I do have job descriptions but rather than making it totally boring, I have tried to summarize the jobs below.

Depending on the skills/availability/experience- these jobs could be "hey its yours, go out and do it" or " you do the job and I will be mentoring/training you to do it by yourself next year" job. It really depends on the individual.

If you are interested/have questions- please email me at: liaison@animenorth.com

Please note- i will be out of the province/country over the next 3 weeks- but will follow up with everyone after October 20,2003.


Advertising Coordinator:
- Jan-May 2004: average 5-10 hours/week
- experience/skill/knowledge in sales, graphic design and print publications (enough to know the terms and what is needed)
-solicitation target: 7,000-10,000$ of ad sales from various companies, sponsors and dealers for the program book
- works with publication team to ensure that all creative material for ads are delivered on time
-participates in the editorial process for the program book
-creates and maintains all administrative copies of advertising contracts, invoices, creative deadlines and communications
-must have organizational skills
-communicates status updates to Liaison Director/Execs of Anime North

Marketing Coordinator:
-Jan- May 2004: averages 5-10 hours/week
-experience/skill/knowledge in marketing, promotions and public relations (enough to know what to say and not to say in public)
- be able to do cold calls/inquiries to various companies and sponsors
-be able to negotiate cross promotional initiatives with various companies , sponsors and potential sponsors
- be skilled in relationship building
-must have organizational skills
-be able to identify key markets to promote Anime North via media, print or in person (con circuit)
-communicates status updates to Liaison Director and Execs of Anime North

Guest Relations:
- Jan- May: 1-2 hours/week
- May 19-25: 24 hours availability (pre, during and post con)
- must have valid drivers license
- must have people and soft skills
-preferred to have those over 25 years old (legal car rental)
- preferred to have access during the weekend to a vehicle
-must be warm but non intrusive to guests
-must be able to deal with guests in a customer service fashion
-must be highly organized and excellent communication skills
- this is ideal for someone who wants to help out just during the con
- note: you will not be able to see alot of the con but you do have a great opportunity to be with our Guests of Honor (at a respectable level).

Media/Press Coordinator:
-Jan- May 2004: 5-10 hours/week
- May 20-23 2004: 24 hours during the con
- experience/skill/knowledge in dealing with the public media/tv stations/radio stations, journalists and reporters
- must have excellent communication skills
-must have excellent people/soft skills
-must be highly organized
- organizes and promotes Anime North to all facets of the media, to include creating press releases,
-to be responsible for all Media during Anime North
-to work with Guest relations to schedule press/media interviews
-works with the Marketing Coordinator for key messages for press releases
-to further develop the criteria for media/press passes/registration
-to develop the registration process for media/press arriving at Anime North
- communicates status updates to Liaison Director/Execs of Anime North


Ok- again- please dont be overwhelmed by these postings. If you are unsure- just ask!

Training *will* be provided if needed!

I need to retire soon and get back to my PhD work.

And if you want to know what kind of rewards you may get- just ask some of the Liaison Staff- heck- one of the got an original sketch done by Frank Miller as a thank you!!! And I will make sure you will get fed over the con weekend! Guest relations will also have access to Liaison Crash space!

Liaision Director
Anime North 2004

10-28-2003, 12:40 AM
i dunt exactly qualify for any of the above, but ill post it on our forums too :D lotsa people with degrees there ^_^

10-28-2003, 12:45 AM
you will be feed...

*giggling* So, be wary, as after you finish your service they will serve you...for dinner :) ...to those who get paid? ;P

Sorry Kaijugal, just having fun. I wish I were in Canada to help... those sound like awesome experiences.

Where you going, btw?

10-28-2003, 10:00 AM
:bigtu: Thanks for the help Heki-Chan. I just don't have time to go on many boards these days. *sighs* Eleryth No worries! :) I think Tamara, (who the original postings are from), is going to L.A...I'm going to South Carolina for a costume competition. (Not much hope of winning tho, I had to make my costume deconstruct into a 62" overall diameter case to find in the airport restrictions. Argh), and the friends I'm going with have a 7 ft robot monkey suit and a 12 ft "Robocock". (It's a chicken, after the state football team the "Gamecocks".) LOL Ah well. It's mostly to take in all the ra ra halloween fun anyhow :)

10-29-2003, 07:12 AM
How old do you have to be?
I've done the whole media-press thing before for my martial arts school, and also for my High-School.

But I'm guessing you would want someone 18+, no?

10-29-2003, 06:23 PM
I'm not in Toronto >.< nor do I have a car, or a way of getting to T.O on any regular basis. Booourns.

GoodLuck in the states Kai! Even if you don't win, make sure you have lots of fun and take pictures!

11-03-2003, 09:47 PM
Wish I could help in anoy of the above, but I have no drivers license, nor do I live in the GTA though I do live a 2hr drive away. I'm 22 and have volunteered for security for anime north for the past three years. I'm very friendly and I work in retail so I know how to be friendly towards the public. I've also worked well volunteered at my local TV station...Go Cogeco!! and done a few art classes in highschool....so yah...I'm interested in helping if there is any way I can. Or I'll just volunteer for something again. I could be Kirby's monkey girl...ummm....yah...^_^'''