View Full Version : Princess Peach+Mario

03-22-2011, 10:06 PM
So I shall be cosplaying Princess Peach. I plan to make it her "Golf/summer version with crown" and just ordered a leg avenue priness peach costume. (I Know I know there are gonna be some haters-but I'm lazy/low on funds and liked that version best) I plan to use my own blonde hair with extensions and am wondering if just platinum blonde hair will pass? :} I hope I can get the flips right, any tips would be useful. I can use-rollers, or a flat iron. I can purchase: hair spray, velcro rollers.

Anyway, my boyfriend is going as Mario.
What are some KEY items we need as a couple?
Should we carry any props?
I was thinking of going free-verse on Mario's "golf" costume and instead of his normal "plumber pants" he could wear a red polo and skinny jeans and some matching red shoes. With a vest in blue, as well as Mario's hat. :} Or should he stick to the plumber pants??

Lemme know what you think!
This is basically a closet cosplay...