View Full Version : Materials for Ike-Fire Emblem.

eBay Sniper
03-30-2011, 01:10 AM
First off, reference piiiiiiiiiiicc- http://i-d.animepaper.net/thumbnails/preview/89501/1/%5Banimepaper.net%5Dpicture-standard-video-games-fire-emblem-brawl-ike-89501-altered-preview-5b42c53d.jpg

As the title implies, I need help deciding what type of materials i should use for Ike, sans the leather parts and sword (i got that down). So basically just the cape and shirt.

Now, talking about capes, am I wrong to assume that his cape is just a square of fabric that he ties around his neck in some fancy way? Or is there some other intricate way of doing it?