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04-05-2011, 08:48 PM
Yes, I know that there is a thread on the armor for Suki, yet nothing there addresses the issue that I would like to bring up.

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has made their Kyoshi warrior armor out of fabric, had a pattern left over, or could help me create a pattern for myself.

I would be happy to pay for this pattern if it comes down to it. Any advice is welcome.

I'm new to cosplaying, and although I have attempted to make the armour myself, its been a free hand pattern of mine that i have followed which has failed miserably.

I dont want to go into craft foam just yet. I have been using Vinyl, and I think I could use it again.

Please. I am begging for help!


04-11-2011, 01:37 AM
As the armour would best be done off a model rather than a pattern, that's probably what I'd recommend. Most of it would basically be slabs of rectangular vinyl that overlap, your best bet if using material would be to have some sort of reinforcement to hold the shape. Then I'd basically sew panels onto it. eg...
| ...............|
|__________| <---- #1 lay a slab at the bottom

|________| <-------#2 Lay a second slab

|________|<-----Lay 3rd slab, and repeat for the leg-armour

Does this sort of address your problem?

04-14-2011, 09:20 PM
Thanks for that! Yeah its helping me out a lot. Just a bit of a N00b when it comes to putting everything together. I get impatient and ruin things haha but Thank you for replying :) I will try and use that when creating the armor :D

04-19-2011, 04:31 PM
I also agree with sewing strips of vinyl together, as that's what I did for my costume and it came out nicely. Actually, it looked very similar to the model that ubercaledor posted. When I did it, it involved some trial and error to get the sizes right, but in the end it turned out alright. For the panels on the bottom of the armor, I used smaller strips and sewed them to a piece of fabric underneath that I folded over the edges (since I used a black fabric, this created a black border around the bottom of the armor that isn't there in the show but I really liked the way it looked anyway...). I made the panels pretty small, similar to how they look in "The Warriors of Kyoshi," but the same method would apply to the slightly longer ones that appear later in the series. You'd also have to decide whether or not you want the armor to be curvier or more flat since it changes throughout the series.

I also used a zipper along one side to make it easier to get on and off since the fabric/upholstery vinyl wasn't stretchy, but even then it didn't open all the way because I didn't make the panel beneath it detachable. Also, I made the shoulder straps/guards detachable.

I plan to redo the armor at some point, and I'll probably use this clothing vinyl from Syfabrics (http://www.syfabrics.com/View.aspx/Clothing-PVC/Brown-PVC/864/224), since I used it for another costume I made and it is lighter weight and softer than the upholstery vinyl I used. It doesn't seem to come in dark gray, though (if you're planning on making the grayer look that appears in a lot of the episodes; I made my armor brown like it appears in a few episodes and on the Season 2 box cover).

*also, if you don't already have a walking foot attachment for your sewing machine, buy one. It makes sewing vinyl SO much easier, as well as sewing vinyl to other fabrics.