View Full Version : Goggle Issues

04-10-2011, 03:55 PM
I'm helping to make a cosplay for Matt from Death Note. We have a pretty good pair of goggles (actually we somehow ended up with two, which leaves one pair to experiment on). The main issue is that it turns out the lenses are not really orange. We thought they would be, but when we got them, it turned out they were gold, and only when the light hits them a certain way. We've been trying to find solutions to turn them orange without completely obscuring her vision (she has to wear them over her eyes the whole time), but we're having trouble coming up with any way to do so.

Does anyone have any suggestions for making the lenses more orange? They're swim goggles, so the lenses are plastic and the outside is black shiny rubber.

Another issue with the outside is that they have the company logo on the bridge of the nose in white. It won't scrape off, and I fear that paint will look terrible because it's shiny black and not just black matte. We could conceivably paint the whole thing, but I'm worried about properly masking the lenses so no paint will get on them Anyone have a better idea/tips on how to paint them?

We're kind of under a strict deadline since this is for a convention starting April 22 (less than two weeks from today), so it'd be great if the solution didn't involve ordering anything online (worried about it arriving in time to actually do anything about it). We can get to many stores, so buying things altogether isn't out of the question, it's just ordering things online that is.