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04-14-2011, 02:43 PM
My cosplays have lately switched over from the typical Manga and Anime to a whole different world; the Jrock world. Obviously, most Japanese rockers disguise their eye colors by using colored lenses, varying from circle lenses to just the craziest of colors.

Last year I was set on a plan to cosplay Kengo Tachibana, rather K from Moi dix Mois, and Hizaki from Versailles -PQ-.
Upon research I found a pretty affordable site that ships from China, but their contacts are excellent. "**BANNED URL**".

Colorlens is the best place to get quite cheap contacts. They have a wide variety of contacts ranging from crazy colors and styles to your basic GEO and NUDE circle lenses.
The contacts they sell range from 20$ to $35, and their quality is just fantastic.

My orders:
I have ordered from this site three different times, and each time is a total success.

[2010! ] 1st order- I had been planning to cosplay K from Moi dix Mois for Anime Expo, which was in July. His contacts are quite strange; he has a white manson contact in one eye and a black lens in the other eye. Since my eyes are a vibrant blue / deep blue, I had to order both.
I placed my order for manson contacts, black contacts, and two lens cases sometime in May. The total was around 65$; 30$ for the white, 30$ for the black then the rest for shipping and the lens cases.

They had confirmed my order within that day, and sent me a confirmation notice.
They ship from Shanghai, China and I lived in California at the time.
Within a week from the purchase, they arrived at my house in a small cardboard box. The box was not too beat up.

After receiving, I opened up the box and saw two boxes and two lens cases, which were blue cases with lens holders / cases inside and a mirror in it [part of the case].
The contacts were in small packs within the boxes. Both boxes were labeled either "Crazy Manson white" or "Doll eye black".
I opened the boxes and then opened the packs with the lenses in them. They were nicely in there. After cleaning them I put them on, and they fit perfectly.

The lenses had no errors with them; the colors are very vibrant and the contacts fit in perfectly. You can not feel them at all. Both the black and white ones were very nice.
On the site it says that they can last up to 8 hours, but I managed to wear them much longer, and they Never get dry or feel weird.
I had wore these contacts from three in the morning to ten at night, and I even went raving with them on ,ahahaha.

-For reference, I wore both of the black ones to a Miyavi concert; I put in the contacts at 7am and didn't take them out until 1am. And they felt fine throughout the 3 hour long concert, so I would say these are super nice lenses :razz:

[2010] -Second order- I was going to be doing my Hizaki cosplay, and the last thing I needed to get were my contacts. I had forgot to order them with my wig, and the convention I was doing him to was Youmacon, which was in October.
I had last minute ordered the black lenses I used last time for my costume, and I ordered them in October. I was actually quite afraid they wouldn't ship in time, even though they did the last time.

I ordered them near the beginning of October, and the convention was the 29,30,and 31st.
The contacts came in one and a half weeks after I ordered, and in a small box like last time.
The total for the cost was 30$ + 4$ for a case and shipping.
It came in the same little package like last time, and they were nicely in their packets.

For reference- I had put these contacts in at three in the morning on October 30th and took them out at midnight the same day. I wore them all throughout the convention, and they felt so nice! Once in a while they would slide a little when I blinked, but then went back into place.

[2011] Third order- Lately the site has been having a sale. Once again, I am in need of contacts for this upcoming Anime Expo. Our costumes this year are Hizaki, Jasmine, Mana,etc. Last year I also did Mana, but never wore contacts. This year I decided on testing out blue circle lenses for once.

The site has the black contacts marked down to 25$ rather then $30. The circle lenses were still $20 when I ordered.
I ordered two pairs of the blue circle lenses and one of the black.
I ordered them a few days ago, so they have not come in yet.

White lenses

http://i812.photobucket.com/albums/zz46/WOOTAHIwin/67782_129797753741266_100001331273523_153720_96177 _n.jpg
Black lenses

http://i812.photobucket.com/albums/zz46/WOOTAHIwin/35981_111070708947304_100001331273523_73433_751576 1_n.jpg
Both together