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04-18-2011, 11:06 AM
Hi all! Ive tried to post a thread on this forum for quite a while but I cant seem to find my thread after I posted it. :/ Well.. Ill try this time.

I got invited by some people to cosplay L at a Con here in Denmark. They were cosplaying all the major characters from DN. Near, Mello, Light, Misa. But I dont wanna dissapoint them. Can you please tell me if this is a good cosplay? Please ignore the nail paint.


04-18-2011, 12:28 PM
Looks great from what I can see. You're clearly in-character.

The only thing I can suggest is make the eyeliner slightly darker (not too much though) and just to spike up your hair/ wig a bit more. Otherwise it's great :)

Considering you only have one post which is from this thread, your last one may not have been posted.

04-18-2011, 12:47 PM
Steffi is right, I think. Spike up the hair (get a few references, pay very very much attention to the direction and un-curledness of the spikes), make the eyebags more defined - and maybe you can try some foundation which is lighter than your own skin to get L's 'never-been-outside, never-slept-as-well' look.
Also, if you pose, you could try a 'not impressed, don't care, I already know you're Kira -___-' -passive-agressive daring kind of look. ^__^

Just nitpicking a bit. ;D

04-18-2011, 01:32 PM
its great, i agree about the hair thing
all u need is a slice of cake and ur golden

04-18-2011, 03:04 PM
Thanks for the awesome feedback guys! <3 And thanks for the suggestions!!! <3 You helped boost my confidence.

And yeah that's my real hair ;p