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04-22-2011, 03:51 PM
Hey guys, I'm Stitchez and I'll be co-hosting the gathering with my Prussia and Denmark. I've had this posted on the official AM2 forums for a while, I decided I should prolly put this on coscom as well. The names on here already are mostly from the forums. note: i prolly forgot some nations cause imma tired derp. ill edit as a remember.

DAY: July 2nd aka 2nd day of con aka Saturday - Changed due to the Hetalia panel being scheduled for Sat evening
TIME: 11am (tentative, need to know opening times and such)
LOCATION: Out in front by the Palm Trees between the convention center and the Hilton

People Setting it Up
• Stitchez
• Jencks
• Kilayla

1) Be kind and courteous, do unto others as you'd have them do unto you, and all that jazz. Don't glomp or touch people without permission, don't grab their clothing to get their attention and don't yell annoyingly into their ears "DAZEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11oneoneevelevn". Sorry, but it ain't that cute. Don't steal or kick their things, don't start fights over stupid things. We're all here to have a good time and it'd suck if we had to disperse cause someone like USUK more then FrUk and they get into a hissy fight over it.
2) Be quiet when your attention is called for as the meet starts. We'll be announcing various group pictures to be taken (depending on big this gets we might have to split up into Axis, Allies and Neutral/Ancient/Chibi like at AX '10) and it would suck if you or people around you missed out on some fun posing action cause you were having a shipping war or something.
3) IC is fine, annoyingly IC is not. Don't be IC all the time guys. It's fun, but it can be annoying. It's cool for during the photo and when you're messing with friends, but being a glarring Russia all the time is gonna freak people out.
4) RESPECT, have some, please. For other people, their costumes and props, along with you're own. Especially flags. A lot of people look down on Hetalia cosplays because most of the ones they see are the weeabo's who knowing nothing about history beyond what Hetalia has given them and have no respect for the flags they wield. Many Hetalia cosplayers that are on the more serious side look down on their fellows for using them as blankets to sit on and various things, so please, have respect.

North Italy: Deanie (RomaHeta version), Meichama (?)
Japan: KawaiiDesuCosplayer (N. Italy - hetaoni)

England: XXElfenKisshuXX
France: Stitchez (WWII)
Russia: D-D (TatarYoke), Sakurastr, Yuukihime (?)

South Korea:

Norway: kuro-kirsche (HK if not complete)
Sweden :

Hungary: Magicgirl24 (Maid version), sado (nomad)
Spain: Tobias (WWII)
South Italy: AstroRuby (RomaHeta version)


Prussia: Jencks (WWII or Austrian Sucession), sado's bf, ArielKruts (WWII)

Also a Hetalia panel will hopefully be held and, las I heard from my Hungary cosplaying co-host, it is being processed~. Tentative times will be up on May 20th, will prolly make a post under panels for it at that time Hope to see some of you in the crowd!

05-22-2011, 10:31 PM
Day has been changed from Friday to Saturday! Reason is that the Hetalia "Ask A Nation" panel that I am hosting with friends has been tentatively scheduled to be on Saturday afternoon and in response I am switching the days of the Kuroshitsuji and Hetalia gatherings to make it easier on those who are in the panel and will be attending both gathering, which are a few. Very sorry if this messes up anyone's plans :<