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Master Zero
10-23-2002, 01:10 AM
I would like to post a "thank you" post to all the wonderful people I met at Ani-Magic this year. Its peoples like you, that just make this cons fun. Without futher ado, here I go:

John: Man, you hooked it up with the hotel room. I know I havent said this to ya before, but you my homie forever man. Much love.

Wendy(Lightning Count): What can I say, I met you at AM last year, and we've had some fun ever since that. You're a true friend, and I'll never forget this. Hope you and I can cosplay, and hang out more often. Much Love.

Chris: Dude, you like another guy that I can truly call a friend. Hope that someday we can make a collaboration on the Gundam Wing tip. Much Love.

MegaSelphie: I also remember meeting you at AM2001, and I got my pic taken with ya. I dont know you that well, but it dont matter to me, you seem like you are a cool guy to hang out with. Love the Dante Sparda costume. Keep it real.

Kuja: Out of all the girls that I've met, your the only one who recognized me out of my Gundam costume. Im glad to have met your acquaintance. Hope to see you and Selphie soon. You take care.

Briana (SJ's Sailor Moon): What can I say, you just Genki. But you also aint stuck up and snobbish as I thought you'd be. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me.

Gina (SJ's Sailor Mars): The first time I met and saw you, I thought 2 things. One: cutey! and two: that you wouldnt talk to me. I found out that the second was wrong. You are one cool girl to talk to. After the CW event, I just got this good vibe from you. Hope that it is still the case when I see you again. Much Love there.

Chrissy (SJ's Sailor.....uh, dude I forget) You just cool. Kinda didnt talk to me much at CW, but It happens. Hope I get to talk to ya again sometime.

Tony: Man, tony. Thanks for giving me props at Ani-Magic. You know, ever since CW, I been like "Man, homeboy Tony is alright" And I mean that from the bottom of my heart, man. You cool. Dont change. See you and Crissy at the next anime function.

Mandy Mitchell: Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. Girl, you just so damm sweet. Gawd could not have given me a better gift than to have met you. You not only sweet, but you fun and awesome as well. Not to mention your cosplay abilities are freakin' awesome. Thanks for inviting me to dinner (even though it didnt happen) but its cool tho.

OK, continuing on...

Servbot Girl: (I know your name, but I cant remember it) Dude, awesome costumes. You and your b/f have some serious talent. I hope I can see you guys at other anime cons. Nice meeting you.

The FFX cosplay group: To the nice girl who cosplayed Yuna, you were so nice. I enjoyed meeting and talking to you. I also liked your Soul Caliber costume. Great detail. Also, to the Lulu cosplayer, you were also the Pink Chun-Li. Nice meeting you too. And of course, Tidus. Great job.

Lynnae: Hehe, your Washuu costume was AWESOME! Hope you had fun and Hope to see you at the next anime gathering. Take care.

Eurobeat King (Al): Man, I dont normally get to talk to you, but you are such a cool guy to talk to. I love your work. Keep it up. See ya at Japan Expo. Peace.

Agent760: Nice to have had the time to have spoken with you. I learned a lot about you and your love for anime. Hope I see you at the next anime con. Take care.

Tristine Citrine(sp?) Thanks for being a kick-a** MC. I love your usage of the word "ghetto" ^^() Anywho, rock on!

Revell Walker: The man who makes it possible for all us Cosplayers to join together in October. Sir, I am very fortunate to have met and talked to you. I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart. See you AM 2003.

Nessa: Dude, your always so much fun to hang out with. So full of energy and such. Love your costumes. Is that new Yuna from the new FFX game???

Rey Rey and Jean: Rey you just funny man. But you are also cool. Nice to have met you and I hope later we can kick it or something. And Jean, same to you. Both of you are just cool. I hope you guys enjoy my company as I enjoy yours. Thanks.

Well, that who I can think of so far. Im sure I will remember more people later. Right now, Im sleepy. I'll be back again. Later.

L to the 3rd
10-23-2002, 07:39 PM
eh? Master Zero, u didn't tell us who you were lol ? *blink blink*

Mandy Mitchell
10-23-2002, 09:08 PM
Master Zero is Joel. He cosplayed as Lord Braska and as the rapping mecha from Gundam Wing in the Masquerade.

Thank you very much, Joel! I'm glad you had a great time at AM!

Master Zero
10-23-2002, 11:10 PM
Yeah, Crissy, Mandy just said who I am. But maybe I'll just tell ya again who I am.