View Full Version : AM2 Announces a Call for Models

04-25-2011, 01:05 AM
From ANN Posts (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/press-release/2011-04-18/am2-announces-a-call-for-models)

This Summerıs Most Anticipated Animation, Music and Manga Convention in Southern California Seeks Males and Females Interested in Participating as Models for the Sixh and Hanry & Angry Fashion Show

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (April 18, 2011) * Ready to strut your stuff on the runway? This summerıs most anticipated anime, music and manga event, AM2 is now looking for attendee models to wear some of the hottest and latest fashions from Japan and show them off at fashion shows during the three (3) day convention event. Attendees interested in fashion and becoming models on the catwalk for AM2ıs Sixh and Hangry & Angry fashion shows can now register online. More info and model registration can be found at www.am2con.org/fashion-show-registration

Interested parties can register online and those selected will receive a one (1) day fast-pass/Passport and will receive all benefits associated it for themselves and a friend. All participating models selected MUST show up for a scheduled fitting prior to the event.

Current Guests of Honors include Kanon Wakeshima, kanon x kanon, heidi., Gashicon, IBI and MINT.

Kind of cool for anyone heavily into it the Sixh and Hanry & Angry style of fashion, I'm not heavily into and didn't see anyone posting on this yet, but if you are accepted you get a free passport and get to wear the clothes