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04-25-2011, 01:07 AM
My Steampunk persona is this Mechanic, raggamuffin-type girl. When I was younger I went into the whole "spiced up overall" look, but I kinda want something more. ._. i want to make an outfit, but i dunno what kind of air I wanna give Alessa Marie. She's already in her 20's (I'm 24), and looks a bit younger. I was thinking dreads could work, a bandana with some work goggles... work gloves? I wanna give her the air that she works hard, but without loosing her feminine style. @o@ Any ideas, please?

04-25-2011, 11:32 AM
Kinda depends how in-depth you want to get with the character and what says "feminine" to you.

By in-depth, I mean: are you going to take into account the actual demands of a mechanic's job and base the costume around that? This pretty much eliminates loose things, dangly things, frills, fringe, and beads, and possibly even dreads (unless they're short or well tied-back). There's a reason mechanics tend to wear coveralls. :D You don't have to wear ALL of a coverall all the time, of course; undo the top and let it drape around your waist to show off your fabulous, immaculate blouse and waistcoat? Adapt a coverall to deal with (or be part of) a bustle gown?

Also, femininity. Does that mean frills, color, big skirts, etc. etc? Futzing with color is probably your best option if you're going for a 'real' mechanic.

And if you're not going for realism, all bets are off and the frills and fobs are back on the table. You can still suggest hard-working by choosing rougher fabrics and weathering the garments. A poofy skirt made out of layers of tatters? AWESOME. Well-made wool jacket, faded and starting to split at the elbows? ALSO AWESOME.

(weathering is probably the most important thing you can do across the board to suggest mechanic-ness. Use that soot and grease!)

04-25-2011, 09:39 PM
Yeah, I was going for more realism.
I have in mind two looks:
A mechanic who was forced to dress up a bit for an special occasion that will take place in like... 15 minutes. XD
And a normal, everyday look.

I'm not much for frills if they aren't in my lolita dresses. XD Dangling things annoy the life out of me, big skirts the same as the frills... I do like lace even on working clothes, though. o.o

Ummm.. Yeah, that I know, but since my persona is some sort of tomboy who still likes to show a feminine side she doesn't mind her clothes to get covered in soot and grease. o.o After all, she spends most if not all of her time in the workshop, looking decent is only for very special occasions, since for her "mamma" looking decent for dinner means washing hands and face. XD

The idea of weathering things seems a nice one. o.o I dunno how I would weather them though... save by wearing them by a few minutes while I'm helping my dad fix the car, or in his wood workshop. XD

Thankchuu for answering. ^^