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04-26-2011, 04:34 PM
I'm trying ( and epically failing) to put together a finny cosplay from black butler. But, in this world of cosplaying awesome people, my friend wants me to by Elizabeth. I only have about 110.00 dollars saved up to buy a wig and costume. Also my friend said i could use her old Victorian dress which already has a hoop skirt. And get this, she wants me to sew it own. The most i've ever sewn is my ouran badge, and i got so frustrated, i ended up hot gluing it own. So my question is should i spend my money on Finny, Or Elizabeth? I pretty much stink at sewing, so making it without my sis is out of the question. I also stared a hinaichigo cosplay, Which is another option..... but it'll be more fun if we go as a group. I really want to be finny, But Elizabeth is pretty awesome herself. It also has to be a short character because i'm roughly 4'11 and weigh about 87 pounds. So... yea. :walkoff:

04-26-2011, 07:49 PM
You should go as the character you like the best. From what you said it seema that finny is the way to go. His costume is alot eaiser for someone new to sewing and it seems like you like that character more from what you said. Perhaps you could put lizzy off for some other time and be finny.

But dont let me stop you, cosplay whoever you want.