View Full Version : P3 Messiah? Lots of text & questions...!

Shizuka Nemuri
05-06-2011, 10:05 PM
I've got a lot of questions, so please bear with me! This is a cosplay I've wanted to do for some time, so I would love and appreciate any help at all!

So, Messiah (http://thelastdoctor.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/persona3messiah.png) (second image (http://images.wikia.com/megamitensei/images/d/d8/Messiah-Concept.jpg)) is a persona from the game Persona 3. I'm not very experienced with cosplay, so I'd like a little advice, if that's alright.

I'm not sure what I'd make it out of, to be honest. I was thinking of making a latex mask for the face and putting thin red plastic or red nylon over the eye holes, since even red sclera contacts wouldn't work as the pupils would show. I could certainly just paint my face white, but then I don't know what I'd do for the eyes, if anything.

The coffins I was thinking of making from a few layers of foam board and some hot glue or something, cutting, shaping, painting... Etcetera etcetera. If I can find big and/or thick enough foam sheets.

For the chain that goes down the left arm, would a length of plastic chains work, or should I go for real chain? And how should I go about attaching the chain to the back of the 'coffins?' ...Or the seemingly metal bits that go around the shoulders and hipbones; would some sort of fabric work, maybe, or what would?

As for fabric, what should I use for that cowl-like thing around around the head and neck? What about for the rest of the outfit? The shoulders and hips seem pretty padded out, and the silver bits around the waist and chest look like metal. Would using a metallic fabric work instead? And then there are the studs on the arms and thighs; is there a way to do that?

Then there are the hands; they look like gloves, especially on the side wrapped in chain. It's thicker than the other side, more padded-looking, so would I use for that whatever I'll be using to pad the shoulders?

Then there's my real concern: the hands around the waist, and the things that connect to the big thing on the back (as well as the back... Thing. The big pointy one.) A few layers of cardboard, or more foam, or... What should I make those out of?

I know that was a lot, and I'd love any and all help given! There's no set date I need to finish this costume by, but if it could be done by next year that'd be wonderful. So I do have a lot of time to spend working on this.

Thanks again! <3