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Big appleton
05-12-2011, 01:21 AM
Gonna need some help on this one. I finally got a chance to play MGS4 on a buddy's PS3 and is instantly hooked on to it.
What stood out to me most on my run is that resistance member you have to follow in ACT 3, espcially his PMC disguise with the bike helmet. Seeing my lack of access to airsoft *in NYC laws, airsoft are treated like real gun*, I think I'll add more insult to his failure of a disguise by adding a painted Nerf gun.
Also because I don't own a PS3, I lack access to some reference pictures of the fellow, but I figured he'd be like the other PMCs

So far i figured what he's wearing consist of:
-khaki tactical/cargo pants
-coyote brown/khaki plate carrier
-a bike helmet
-tactical shades?
-OD green or black long sleeve

If all else fails, I'll be more than happy making this a regular PMC outfit :D

07-21-2011, 12:13 AM
Act 3 Has the Raven Sword PMCs which have a lot more specific equipment than the others.

However, by the description you gave at the end of your post I suspect you are talking about Praying Mantis.

Praying Mantis PMCs have the following equipment.

Top to bottom...

Pro-Tec helmet or khaki cap.
Standard goggles will work fine or you can go without.
Black balaclava (Underarmor Heat-Gear mask works best.)
TAC-U Top would be the best BDU top you could get for it. Black in color. BDU top would work also as an alternative.
CIRAS Plate carrier in Coyote Brown. Pouches vary on which soldier you wish to make.
Molle combat belt, padded, Coyote Brown.
Khaki BDU pants.
Drop leg holster...I forget the exact model.
Khaki boots of some kind. specifically Condor look the best, but most combat boots of that color will work.
Blackhawk black kneepads.

Weapon is a tan SCAR-H.

Also, the gloves are Mechanix gloves but that specific model is discontinued...