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11-09-2003, 08:56 PM
Since no one would give me any advice on which of my three projects to take up i decided to ditch them all and design my own costumes and characters. So far i only have one Der Zeit Wärter (the Time Keeper) and he (me) will wear a full length trenchcoat, which i better describe under my "costumes" if you care to look...i do not have a photo becuz the picture i drew on paint is a tad bit TOO BIG. But i was wondering if any of you had any good ideas for materials to use. i want it to be done in Tuxedo type style...the dull black with the collar done in a different material black. Also, if you have any suggestions for other characters let me know...i love Castlevania and other such games so anything along those lines. Hopefully someone will actually give me some advice about this one. THANX!!!!!!!!also...keep checking back or e-mail me because i MAY be able to format the drawing to be a little smaller.

11-10-2003, 06:39 PM
I have come up with a second character to add to my cough "series". Her name: Bringer of Tears. She is a very angelic Elf Assassin. Her wardrobe consists of all blue, hair, lipstick, sparkly blue dress, probably no shoes, and possibly a blue hooded robe to go over everything. Once again, since this is just an idea right now i dont have any pictures but I am going to work on drawing it out and if you want to see them you can e-mail me. Thanx