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05-25-2011, 02:53 AM
One of the other sites i go to frequently is http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk which is a UK based cosplay site. You don`t have to be UK to be apart of it but it has a lot of info on UK conventions and what not plus the people there are super duper friendly! I encourage everyone who wants to be part of another cosplay community besides this one to join them =)

one of the threads that popped up over there was a complaint against cosplay.com and in it people shared all their horrible experiences here with people leaving rude comments or other things not so nice and Im wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what do you feel is the attitude on cosplay.com?

Frankly, I think cosplay.com has gotten to big for its own good and I would like to see the site interface change to make it more easier to navigate. Some cosplayers have complained about the photo restrictions being to strict but i feel they are not strict enough sometimes and this is just a personal opinion and preference. For me personally I think con photos (unless they are good quality and not blurred out/too dark/or innapropriate) are better left to personal blogs, diaries or the forums because the photo pages get polluted with cosplay photos of stuff I cant even make out.

I have never had a rude comment before from anyone thank god but one thing I do get a lot of is inbox spam from cosplayers asking for advice. I dont mind to answer any questions but when i get 2 or more emails from the same person asking me to help them make the same thing over and over I get a little ticked off, especially when after I have written out everything i have done to make something the person replies with `well i am just a poor high school/college student so i can afford to do that, is there any other way you can think of?`

My only other problem with coscom is that there seems to be a lack of diversity in the featured photos =( and by that I mean almost all the cosplayers featured are from russia/germany/italy/Japan so i would like to see some others from other countries as well, they are out there so theres no excuse. Really when was the last time we saw a filippino or even a black cosplayer featured? I cant even remember if any were every featured in my 8 years of using coscom......

05-25-2011, 03:04 AM
Diversity is always lovely.

My heart has been pretty wholly won over by Cosplayer's Archive, though :P
Not sure if I can handle a third (I can't even be bothered to update my Cure).

Cosplay.com has become a business over community site, one that actively censors content to protect business interests, avoids allowing community participation or encouraging community feedback, and is host to hundreds of site errors (large and small) that go unaddressed either for lack of skill or lack of interest.

More than the vague stink of corruption that lingers around some thread removals, lockings and movements (good luck getting threads through which speak positively about non-cosplay.com related wigs)... the site's broken-ness turns me off.

If you can't be bothered to make your site function properly, why should I be bothered to add content to it?

Still ~ it's a window to the only other cosplay community I identify with: the American one; and as a plain old BBS, it's been enlightening and useful for organization. I don't think the mod staff has much control in the downward turn things have taken so much as, a few phenomenally bad decisions have been made reguarding the handling of maitanance and the policy of both active and passive censorship on the forums. Things may look up again if those decisions are reversed or if new management takes the helm.