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05-26-2011, 10:42 PM
For NYCC this year, I plan to rock a full set of Furious Gladiatorís Dreadplate armor. For all those who donít know, it is the Arena Season 6 Death Knight armor set from World of Warcraft. For this set, I plan to create the armor portions out of E.V.A foam tiles, which will be painted to fit the design. The gloves, shoulders and helmet will be an attempt at accuracy, where as the pants and chest will be slightly modified. Being that the pants and chest appear merely like cloth in the game, the plate design will be altered, but made out of the same foam, and painted to match. The chest in particular will be used to bulk up my chest and give the illusion of armor due to the fact that the tabard will cover it anyway. The cape will be the Dark Soldier cape, for the fact that it matches my color scheme and ups the stats that ever melee DPS needs. I will be representing my guild and wearing our guild tabard which is black, white and purple. The design for the belt and boots are still up in the air.

Please, tell me if I am being too ambitious, given that this is my first cosplay of this magnitude. Also, any advice from people who have worked with EVA foam in regards to creating a dome-like structure for the helmet and shoulders, please let me know because I am hitting a road block in my templating.

06-04-2011, 11:46 AM
Reference images would be helpful :P Is this the armor you are talking about?

I've never worked with that foam and my only real knowledge about it is from seeing Volpin's N7 armor he made with it (this guy is totally amazing):
From the looks of it, it looks like he primarily chose that foam because it had the proper texture for what he wanted to do. I'm not sure if the other side of the foam is textured as well or smooth, but the dreadplate armor looks to be more smooth in texture.
It looks like Volpin used 6mm thick craft foam for the parts he needed smooth textured, but it does seem to be thinner than the EVA foam. Also, I know craft foam can be heat formed but I'm not sure about EVA foam (he says they behave similarly so it probably can be).
It seems like a lot of careful patterning but definitely doable. The thickness of the foam seems to have made it a bit more difficult at times, so I guess I would suggest getting some thick craft foam as well and playing around with that to see if you can get it to work easier for you (craft foam is a really great beginner material too).

Domes can be troublesome :( For a full dome I imagine you can pattern it out in pieces and stick them together (you can either just eyeball it or if you are good at math you could probably use advanced geometry to calculate the dimensions of a flat pattern). It looks like Volpin used multiple pieces of foam to make his more dome-looking shoulders.
For helmets I tend to always recommend Featherweight's cardboard helmet tutorial:
It's cheap and makes a nice base that fits snugly, but then you have to go over it with something like paper mache, resin and fiberglass, clay, etc. whatever you want to use to smooth it over and strengthen it. You could even pattern foam over it to try to smooth it out that way (but you'd run in to the same problem of domes just being difficult).

Edit: I just ran in to some stuff, it looks like EVA foam does have a smooth side and would be fine to use.