View Full Version : Shina Himetsuka Artwork

05-29-2011, 06:45 AM
Hey guys I just wanted to ask a quick question as I've been having some cosplay decision trouble :')

What is the stance on cosplaying Shine Himetsuka's artwork?
I initially had planned to cosplay Ciel's costume from volume 6, yet after seeing it quite a lot and 'falling out' with the design in general I decided against this. I had my eye set on this particular design http://image.free.in.th/z/im/shina.himetsuka.447162.jpg but I just wondering what other fan's stance were on it? Do you think the designs are too detracting from the originals, or do you see them as a welcome change?

Also if anyone has any examples of Himetsuka's art being cosplayed that'd be fantastic :)