View Full Version : Paint Brand Review: Plaid Simply Screen Paint

05-30-2011, 02:10 PM
I bought "PLAID Simply Screen" water based screen printing paint in green, pink, brown, and black, and I'd have to say, its amazing.

Name: "PLAID Simply Screen"
Product: http://dm61q01mhxuli.cloudfront.net/images/n59/image2/418712.jpg
Bought from: local Crafts 2000
Example: here (http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww168/mehregane/photo.jpg?t=1306782606) (white edges on the left side of cuff is b/c of my lack of painting skills)

Pros: Cheap in comparison to Jacquard paints. Paint goes on very thinly, but it doesn't mean the color is pale/washed out! It literally looks like the fabric was ____ color in the first place! It has great coverage and the paint is very true to it's color even after wear and washes. It dries after only 15 ish minutes and is easily heatset. It also rarely ever cracks. Easy to remove if you accidentally paint the wrong thing as long as you act fast. Flexible.

Cons: The fabric clumps pretty easily. Hard to remove once it's dried. Comes in small bottles. :o Sometimes you'll need a second coat.