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11-11-2003, 09:23 AM
*offers up pictures*

(referance pics http://www.limdul.dk/gallery/Wallpapers/index.php?margin=150 second and thrid from the top)

I like it, but I'm slightly biased ^_~ Please let me know where improvements can be made. I'm considering entering this is a masquarade, and it wil help nerves ALOT if it's as good as it can be ^_^


Giant Alucard
11-11-2003, 12:43 PM
Personally i love the costume, though not many on the site may know what it is. I think It's a great idea to enter it the masquarades. Will you be at Katsucon in this costume (if you are i may be there as well in my Dark Angel Junpei costume). lol. But keep up the good work.

11-11-2003, 12:54 PM
Unfortauntely, I'm but a poor university, so I won't be going to any cons outside of Canada unless some nice person decides to fund the trip ^_~

11-11-2003, 02:55 PM
Well, it would be good if u could upgrade on the wings...

11-11-2003, 09:57 PM
I'm REALLY, REALLY impressed, personally...I went to the Con at which the poster was unveiled. (Didn't see the unveiling, but I saw the poster. Good stuff!)

Hm...I agree that the wings are missing *something*...maybe a few more feathers will do the trick, and maybe if you make them look a little more worn....

11-12-2003, 07:11 PM
more black eye shadow

11-12-2003, 07:28 PM
Thanks for the responces ^_^
*makes note about eyeshadow and wings and clips it to the pic*
I guess my project when I go home winter break will be fixing up those wings (This pair were made with tin snips, and a hammer ^_~ )

11-19-2003, 05:06 PM
Ah, nice costume. ^__^
Here are just a few nit-picky tips, take 'em or leave 'em:
The wig looks a little cheap, you know? ^_^; But it could just be the picture. *shrug*
As for the lace on the dress; I really think they could do with some distressing; they're too white...The whole outfit could do with a bit of distressing, actually. ^_^; After all, it is *broken* Miho.

-Not neccessarily black eyeshadow, but don't be afraid to go heavy on *all* of her eye make-up. After all; it'll be washed out in pictures, and her eyes are her most prominent feature. ^_^

-I think what the wings need is a bit more curve to the feathers...they need some dents, some rust, some dirt; imperfections...

Like I said earlier, neato costume! I'd definitely put it in a masquerade.