View Full Version : Best Costume, Skit, Favorite Moment

11-11-2003, 02:45 PM
This thread just needs to get started. My favorite costumes were definately the Gundams, sadly the Hellhound (which scared me), The one really sweet Alucard, and of course Sally (blush)

My Favorite skit (of like the 3 I saw because I was last) was the Naruto and Spirited away. But seriously, The Sean Connery was SO AMAZING, that made me the happiest person ever. I loved it James James Bond- age" that's what your Mom called me last night! ah, so funny

BTW, I did have a real skit I was going to do, with singing, Yuki and Shu kissing, and a lot of fun stuff, but I was so upset the night before I was like, I need to scrap it and do this. I still have to say goodbye.

My favorite Moment was definately when I was cheering on singing Aeris to win Karaoke and she almost did, she was amazing! It was happiness in a bottle.

11-18-2003, 09:38 AM
Mine was Dark Muffin's Productions: Naruto, Go Ninja Go Ninja, Go skit.

I'm a member of the group so I'm a little biased. ^^;;; I wasn't in this Nekocon's skit. (we have like 25 members, so we change out)