View Full Version : Haloguy20's and GraverRaver's first CON!!

11-11-2003, 06:53 PM
Well I had a blast at Nekocon, I met some really kool people and I bought some bitchin stuff! I bought my friend DizzyLizzy a Chii Plushie, I bought my dad a Kurneko plushie, I gave rachael a Mokona plushie and I bought GraverRaver a Moogle pin. I really wanted to buy him a plushie moogle but they had none. I was sad >_< But yeah I had the Phatest time of my life!! I'm definately going to try and make Katsucon and then every con thats close to me after that!! I have a lot to make up consdiering I'm getting into the whole Cosplay thing really late.....>_<

There were a few complications at the con and before the con, nothing I wnat to get into right now. But they make the memories more enjoyable!! I took like 130 pics, I was uber pissed that some of them didn't come out so well.

I was a little tweaked at the Ctrl-Alt-Del panel because they were playing loud music next door at the time and it was really hard to hear everyone. But I did get to see some kool animes as well. Everyone said that this con was small and maybe it was, but to me it's the biggest one I;ve seen simply because it was my first. I bet if I make Otakon this year I ca compare and see what everyone means when they say NEKOCON was a small con......

There's no real point to this thread I just wanted to let everyone know that Haloguy20 and GraverRaver made it to their first con and thoroughly enyjoyed themselves......

Also check out my gallery for the pics I took, feel free to comment if you so wish.......

11-13-2003, 11:26 PM
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! i know... pointless post. but.... ::glomps::

the penguins