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11-12-2003, 10:50 AM
Okay! Now that I am stable enough to do so, I want to thank the people that
made my weekend a blast! :::takes a deep breath::: @@

KC-It was great seeing you again girl and finally getting to meet your bf!
You're all too sweet! :::huggles::: ^.^

Matt-I hope your canalopes stayed ripe! ^~ lol But seriously, I'm very glad
that we saw each other again. I found the dedication to your friend at the
masquerade beautiful. :::hugs::: ^.^

Derek-Loved the skit! Loved the skit! Loved the skit! XD Next time you
knuckleheads get together, please include me by all means. It's always fun hanging
around you all. Tell Alisa-chan I said hello and that we miss her!^^

Cristi-As always, it's a blast seeing you and Serge! Hope to see you two at
Katsu! ^.^

Kara-Again, I think you did wonderfully hosting this year's masquerade! Good
to see you again! Ultraman says hi and wants some Menchi on rye. ^~

Dan T.-Jeezsh, I saw you everywhere during the weekend! Thanks to you and the
entire staff for making this one very memorable. P.S. Say hello to DEATH for
me. ^~

G-Chan-"It's a hard knock life for us!" XD Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
Remind me to participate in a skit with you guys sometime! Tell Kev I said it
was wonderful seeing him too. ^.^

Kevin Lillard-Good luck on the book! It looked fantastic! ^.^

Carolina-As always, great seeing you! You looked stunning in your costume!

Amy-You are always the sweetest and I hope we can see each other again really

Jenny-We missed you! :::huggles::: You looked beautiful cosplaying as always
and I look forward to seeing you at future cons. ^^

Lander-Meow,meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow! ^.~

Tikki and Rob (aka "Jack" ^~)-You two rock! We need to get together sometime
and chillll! ^^

If there is anyone I forgot, don't worry! I love you all and I had a
stupendous weekend at this NekoCon! Neko-chan forever! @_@

Fory-san (Who believes his feet are still recovering from the distance walked
in dress shoes... @_@;;)

11-12-2003, 11:48 AM
I think this can be in the NekoCon forum, so I'm moving it. :)