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06-06-2011, 07:58 AM
So, my friend is cosplaying as Drocell and we're doing a few photoshoots, one shoot is Drocell and Grell, but the other shoot I thought maybe a grown-up Elizabeth puppet. However, I'm not sure on what sort of top to construct.

I have the perfect skirt I altered, it's pink and multi-tiered corset waisted sort of Sweet Lolita based (not quite proper lolita, but similar in shape to something more elegant from Black Peace Now or Metamorphose for those who know a bit of Lolita fashion). I just don't know what sort of top to pair up with it is all and I definitely want to make the top myself. I was thinking a lot of ruffles and lace and then I have a mini top hat that matches the skirt.

Also, should I still use Lizzie's pigtails just so the character is obvious? I do have shoulderblade length blond hair which curls at the ends normally so I could do the hair style she normally has in the series.

I also have puppet strings and a marionette control piece from a Saiyuki cosplay I was doing a while back, so I really think once I know what sort of top to make and what sort of accessories to make/use, this costume should be really neat.

So, I need to know:

What sort of top style?
Suggestions for accessories?
Make-up style suggestions?

06-15-2011, 04:11 PM
I found this pic and thought maybe makeup or hair similar to this would look good if you still wanted to keep her sweet lolita look.



You could use Hizaki from Versailles as an example since htey both look very similar.





cosplay of Hizaki's princess outfit:


You could also keep her pigtails as that would make the character more obvious.

I think something like that would look nice. For the top you could use a lace or frill trimmed blouse with poofy sleves and collar.

like this:




For accessories, I'd suggest having a nice bow to match with your outfit. It doesn't have to be big but adding something cute will definitely match Lizzy.

You could also add a flower as a headpiece. Again, it doesn't need to be big but the cuter the better?


other examples:


Maybe adding a parasol and boots? or a stuffed animal? Though that last one may be too childish. ^^; Umm, tights or lacy socks. It all depends on whether or not you want to keep her cute look. Gloves and bracelets can work too.

Hope this helps!

06-15-2011, 06:43 PM
Thanks for the advice! I discussed it with my friend and the gloves, stockings and bow or cute frilly hat are definitely in, though for the top, we had picked something a bit more sexy only because of the nature of the shoot. But still, those ideas were helpful in picking how we'd decorate the top I've made.