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06-06-2011, 06:06 PM
Can someone explain to me in steps how to do Katara's hairstyle? The first one with the bun and braid. (I'm using my real hair)

06-06-2011, 09:44 PM
Is this for a wig or real hair? I did my Katara using real hair (which I finally lose tomorrow, yay!), and I don't know how my method will translate to a wig, but I'll put it here anyhow.

Note: I used baking gelatine for gel, so you'll have to use a gel with a lot of hold, especially for that bun.

First, I separated the sections for the hair loopies. To prevent little square parts showing, I lifted a layer of hair near my center part and took the loopie hair from under it. When I put the center part hair back down, the loopie parts are hidden. Take these two segments and bind them out of the way with a small clip or ponytail holder.

Next, I decided how much hair I wanted in my bun. I didn't actually use too much, just a few sections from the front. I wanted most of my hair in the braid for thickness, and the bun thickness can be easily faked. To get this effect, I only took hair from the front to about 2-3 inches back from my face. I used my fingernail or a hairstick to "draw" a line on my scalp that went down and back to just behind my ear. Taking the hair from this area gives the illusion that you've gathered the entire top layer of hair.

Once I had hair from both sides (I used another clip to secure the first bun segment while I made the second), I pulled them together behind my head into a low ponytail sort of deal, right where I wanted the bun to be. I used either a hair-colored tie or a blue one that matched the costume. You may have to tweak the hair, but with practice you can get the segments to look at one with the rest of your hair, so that it looks like you've just gathered all your hair into a ponytail rather than just the front

Next I clipped the future-bun tail on top of my head (gently, so as not to pull hair that would need to be tight in a braid) out of the way. I took the rest of the hair and braided it, brushing it through with a little bit of gel first (to tame flyaways and let the braid go tighter).

When the braid is tied off, time to go back to that stupid bun. If you're using a wig, I imagine this will be easier. I wanted to make the bun cylindrical, like hers, but it turns out this isn't as easy as I thought. First, I filled my hair with as much gelatine as I could. Then I took a really big bobby pin, one that was as long as I wanted the bun to be wide. I put this onto the tail about halfway down, fitting all the hair into it and turning the tail into a flat segment. I slid this down as far as I could without hair falling out (made better because of the gel). The pin made it a little over three quarters of the way down. I then just started spinning the bobby pin toward my head, making sure that the tail stayed flat as I rolled without it falling off the bobby pin "axel" I had created. Wrap this loosely so that there looks like there's more hair than there really is, the gel should hold it into a nice cylinder.

When you get the tail wrapped to your head, use more long bobby pins to hold it into place. It took me three, two extra and then the one I used to build it (which can be pulled out and repositioned if the bun cooperates with you).

Now the fun part, for real. Take those two first hair loopie segments. Wet them with water or gel and thread the hair through a bead. I used a long bone bead I found at Michael's. Push the bead up to the top of the hair and smooth the resulting proto-loopie back down, the bead usually ruffles the strands up. Measure how far down you want to pin it to the bun and slip a bobby pin there. I tied a knot of hair at that point since my hair was really long, and it held it more secure. Then take the bobby pin, slide it beneath the bun and wrap the loose ends around the base of the bun to hide them.

Voila! Katara hair. You can see the results in my gallery, if you want.

PS: As I said, I used gelatine, which we had loads of for Zuko's scar. Using it in hair was a tip from my ballet teacher. I just sprinkled it on my brush or hair, wet my brush and brushed the resulting goop through my hair until all the grains dissolved, rewetting the brush as needed. It was stupid secure. I did my hair just once for the entirely of Otakon last year, and only had to wrap the braid with some scrap cloth to keep flyaways down.