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DJ Matt
06-15-2011, 02:02 AM
What's up forum! DJ Aura here, just trying to get some hype for the dance.

When/Where is Dance? - The schedule says it all. (What that means is that I'll post more deets once I confirm all the stuff.)

From the AM2 Website blurb:

If music coursing through your body makes you groove, come to the AMē Dance and bust a move!
Our DJs will be spining the latest and greatest in house, trance, mash-up, top 40, hip-hop and much more on the turntables. Dance the night away to your favorite jams.

DJ Listing

DJ Sandman
Raised in San Francisco, DJ Sandman mixes a sick blend of Hip-hop, House, Techno, and Funk breaks. DJing since 1996, his eclectic set of tracks portray his deep appreciation to many different styles of music. DJ Sandman is a member of the Random DJs.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dj.sandman.of.random.djs
E-mail: randomdjs@hotmail.com

DJ Per-V-
Having fully embraced the future of sound, Per-V- has learned to utilize his skills not only on decks but virtual decks as well. His sounds include Trance, Techno, and recently Electro House. He’s been found randomly streaming his music online as of late.
E-mail: im.djper.v@gmail.com

If this name sound familiar to you it’s because he’s played at conventions all across the nation. This year featured at KawaiiKon, Fanime, Sac Anime, AWA and many other conventions. You may also know his as Gaia Online’s Emcee. DJ Helsing is known for mixing all Vocal styles of music from Vocal Trance all the way to Vocal Industrial.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/djhelsing

Funkmaster Miko
Raised in the echoing hills of the Hidden Scratch village, Funkmaster Miko‘s background remains a mystery. His sets range from ballroom dancing to 80s and New-wave, yet he favors spinning Pop, Funk, and Hip-Hop. Funkmaster Miko is a member of the Random DJs.
E-mail: funkmastermiko@yahoo.com.
DJ Elvin Ong
Kuching, Malaysia / Culver City, California

Elvin Ong (formerly known as DJ Jellybean X) is a producer/DJ hailing from Los Angeles, California. Raised in Kuching, Malaysia, Elvin was to the sounds of Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, and Markus Schulz. Through every compilation, demo, and song found, this same passionate boy would grow up to become one of LA’s hottest upcoming artists. Ever since 1999, Elvin Ong has experimented in a variety of genres and is most noted for his works in EDM, including progressive and trance. Less than a year after his arrival to California, he started making headlines in popular music festivals such as A Happeee Place (2008), Jingle Beats (2008), and the Kandy Festival (2009).
Today, Like his booming personality, Elvin’s sound has emanated across the globe. At the solid age of 21, Elvin Ong has already just completed his first tour which spanned 5 countries including Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. With original mixes such as Bruce Lee (BoneBrew’s Dead Heroes Remix) and Karma playing at clubs and events all around the world, he’s quickly become a crowd favorite. Elvin has been broadcasted to the masses on Astro, a Malaysian stationed TV show, his name has been lighted in such media as Borneo Post Newspaper(MA), and Afterhours.FM(NL). It’s through his fluent beats and hypnotizing rhythm that he reaches out into the crowd, and summons the abstract ecstasy in all of us into reality.
Elvin Ong’s amiability and burgeoning talent has gotten him to work with prominent artists such as X-Statik(Aus), and Bass Agents(MA). Without a doubt, Elvin Ong’s incandescent spirit and flow has transcended past the average standard so as to annihilate barriers and become more than an art. It is his bringing of the “technical,artistic, and engineering” spheres into one that his music is more than an art medium, it is a lifestyle.

DJ Aura
"DJ Aura has been DJing since 2008. Inspired by many various sources, he took the tips and tricks from the pros and made them his own. He has played at Anime Conji and Anime Los Angeles, bringing his arsenal of Electro-House along with him. He could commonly be seen wearing his Deadmau5 mask and hyping the crowd with his bass-pounding tracks."

DJ Matt
06-27-2011, 05:53 AM
Bumping this up!