View Full Version : Hitting the extreme as Wolf Link for my next cosplay.

06-16-2011, 05:56 PM
After having fun at A-Kon and noticing the differences in costumes.. I really have a strong urge to do something totally out there, something to grab people's attention. I had considered wolves from Wolf's Rain but since they're basically mono colored, I'm aware people may not grab the reference either.. so want to do something that does stand out, which becomes Wolf Link from Twilight Princess.

Now for references, I did find this site http://fursuit.tanidareal.com/daiquiri/index2.htm . Seems like a really good place to get started, figuring out what you need and building it. I'm positive this is gonna take me awhile with 40 hour work weeks and stuff.

But the problem for me is this has a design for a completely different version and hoping someone knows of someone who has a design for Wolf Link. I'm looking to get it exactly right and even better if I can manage to have it done before San Japan in August (I highly doubt that).

I've looked at a lot of other people's outfits, with only a few having the level of detail I really really want to get out of this.

So, gathering as much advice, information, etc from websites and hopefully the people who are familiar with this on the website in order to get this done as I don't want to spend 700$ commissioning this from someone else. <.>

Thank you all and looking forward to any information!

07-28-2011, 11:46 AM
I don't think you will be able to commision him, because he is a copywritted (idk if that's a word) character, so the best bet would be to make him yourself. It is way too late now, but if you want it for next year, I would start making it now. Quadsuits take forever to make, especially if there is a lot of padding outside the head and legs. Definitely order the fur WAAAAAYYY before the convention so you can make sure the fur gets to you in time. I am making a quadsuit where the padding around my body is twice as big as me, but with wolf link you can put the fur right over your body. And commissions for quadsuits run around $1,000-$2,000. But to make it yourself it will cost up to $400, depending on where you buy your foam and fur. I really lucked out with the foam because there is a store right by my house that sells huge pieces of foam for 20 bucks, while Joanns sells the same piece for $60. So if you need any help with anything just tell me, and I could most likely help you out.