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06-19-2011, 09:25 PM
Hey guys!

So, I'm hoping to cosplay as Bankotsu (among others) in a few months and was wondering if anyone could tell me the specifics of his outfit. I'm super new to cosplaying, and I would love to be as accurate as possible with his outfit. I found a decent explanation of his outfit here:


However, I want to make sure that is accurate, and see if anyone could possibly be more specific. For instance, the actual name of his "traditional ninja footwear," since all I get when I search that are tabi shoes.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


06-20-2011, 01:31 AM
According to that site Bankotsu wears a haori... and in my eyes it doesn't look like a haori at all because haoris are worn as an "over jacket" and not wrapped like a normal kimono would be closed. I do not know exactly what kind of kimono he's wearing but it's not a haori. He do have some kind of sash/obi and he is wearing sashinuki hakama, not normal hakama. About his shoes I'm not sure what they are called. His armor's upper/torso part reminds me of kendo armor, do (http://www.budo-aoi.com/bmz_cache/e/ef6fa15c95687dda31fec04e99988925.image.353x353.jpg ).

Hope that's useful.