View Full Version : Otakuthon 2011: Hotel Space

06-21-2011, 06:29 PM
For anyone looking for a room. My friends and I have booked two rooms at the Holiday Inn on Viger Ave right across the road from the Palais De Congres where Otakuthon 2011 happens!

We are there from Thursday to Monday, but those just looking for a few nights are welcome as well. We're looking for 2-3 more people if possible and the rate would be around $120 for all nights including tax, adjustments for one nights are three nighters can be arranged as well.
Our rooms have a couch, two double beds, and an air mattress with everyone who pays full price rotating so everyone gets an equal share of bed time.

There is 10 of us so far, possibly 9, but we're looking to have 6 in each room to keep it comforable. We're all between 18-28 years old and there are at least 2 girls in the one room so no worries there. We're all like family so no stranger danger haha!

PM me or post if interested. I know there's a few others looking to fill up hotel space as well.